Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Pom Pom Sandal DIY Tutorial

Hi everyone!

I can't believe that June is already in full swing. The summer really is flying by and I wish it would slow down. This summer I've been absolutely obsessed with pom-poms. I know that sounds crazy, but honestly, I have! My instagram feed has been absolutely filled with a bunch of different bloggers sporting all kinds of accessories with colorful pom-poms on them.

My favorite accessory this far has been the pom-pom gladiators -- a step up from the regular gladiators we have seen all over summer look books since last year. After spotting them all over my instagram feed, I looked everywhere to find an affordable version for a college student. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any under $250, which just wasn't affordable for me. So I decided to do what every stubborn creative broke girl does -- I decided to make a pair of my own.

I started off by purchasing these sandals from eBay for $13. I purchased them because I liked the extra long length of the ties and the gold color. The only thing I'm not crazy about is the thick band across the top of the shoe.

I purchased all of my supplies from Michael's craft stores. Even better, everything but the pom-poms were on sale. To create the band I measure the length from one side of the band to the other and cut out 3 of the same size of the fabric. I picked this one because I liked all of the colors in it and I liked the material. I then hot glued the fabric pieces across the band.

The most fun part about making the sandals was picking the beads that went on the sandals. I found pom-pom beads in the kid's craft section in Michael's. Then I scoured the clearance section and found an entire bohemian charm collection on extreme clearance. I ended up purchasing turquoise beads,  tassels, and arrow charms for only $1.99 each.

I definitely suggest purchasing the pom-pom beads because they have the ability to slide right onto the lace up strings. It made it so easy and quick to create the sandals I am so obsessed with.

I'm planning on wearing these beauties with everything from shorts and a white tee to sun dresses. I think they really make an awesome statement that can take any outfit up a dozen notches.

Designer : Luiza Martinez

If you're looking to splurge on this look, this pair is my absolute favorite! You can see all the designers different looks here.

Here are some of my other favorite pom-pom accessories for the summer!

I hope you love these pom-pom pieces as much as I do!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

My Sparklin' Commencement Ball c/o Glam Union

Commencement Ball is, like, THE event of the year when you're in college. This year I was asked to go by my boyfriend. After spending hours trying to figure out exactly what kind of look that I wanted I decided I wanted to do something a little bit edgier. Often, I'm the one wearing pink with cute curls and a doe-eyed glam look. This year I wanted to change it up a bit.

As I was searching for the perfect dress I stumbled upon Glam Union's Instagram page. I fell in love with all of their beautiful designs. Their dresses are tailor made, uniquely detailed, and down right breathtaking.

One of the biggest fears any girl has going to a formal is that someone else is going to be wearing the same dress as you. While I did see three girls wearing the same gown as each other, no one had a dress even close to mine. The unique cut outs, intricate beading, and gorgeous slit made my dress stand out against all the others.

The customer service with Glam Union was unrivaled. They sent my dress with more than enough time before my ball and were super friendly throughout the entire process.

This is the first time I have ordered a dress for a formal online, but Glam Union made the process feel easy and super comfortable. The fact that the dress was custom made me feel much more comfortable about the dress fitting and flattering my body type.

I decided to do my own makeup and hair for this look. I wanted my hair and makeup to be super glam with lots of glitter and a bronze feel.

For my hair, I curled my entire head with a one-inch curler and pinned them up for about 45 minutes. After curling each section, I let the curl roll up in my hand and pinned it right to my head to let it set. While doing so, I enjoyed a super deep cleansing mask and old episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians' in my Victoria's Secret Fashion Show satin robe.

I hair sprayed, added volume spray, and detangled with my fingers. Then I split my hair in the middle across my entire head, putting the back into a high pony tail. I pinned each curl up with bobby pins. For the front, I split it into two more sections, teasing the back section and pinning the front section over it, then pulled out a couple curls to frame my face.

For my face, I used primarily ELF products, with the Lorac contouring kit, Urban Decay's Smokey pallete, and Dodo lashes. I used e.l.f. Lock On Liner and Brow Cream  to  create super bold eyebrows. I used Lorac PRO Contour Palette with PRO Contour Brush to create a super contoured look on my face by using the darkest color under my cheekbones and a swipe of the lightest on my cheeks and Naked Illuminated Shimmer on my cheeks. On my eyes I used ELF's long lasting eyeshadow in confetti as a base with armor and slanted from the Urban Decay Smoky Pallate in the crease. Then I finished my eye look with lashes from Dodo Lashes.

I had such an amazing time, dancing my worries away and right into graduation. If you're looking for any kind of special occasion dress, I truly suggest checking out their website! Below are some of my other favorite gowns they carry that I will be checking out for future events.

Hope you love all of these looks! Make sure to check out all of the sponsors featured in this post!

Monday, April 18, 2016

A Splash of Summer: Fashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle for S16

How insanely beautiful is the weather today? Honestly, walking to class this morning in shorts and a tank top was like walking on cloud nine. There's something about the approach of summer that holds so much promise of bright adventure with new things to discover, explore, and do. Because I'm spending this beautiful Monday stuck in class, I wanted to share with you some really cool things I have going on this summer.

This summer I will actually be living in my first grown up apartment. For anyone that knows me, this is a huge deal and I am so excited about it. With the days of school quickly dwindling, this is my first foot in the door of being an actual adult. Since last summer I have been saving paycheck by paycheck to afford rent. However, with the keys to an apartment just a little out of reach, here are some home goods I definitely have on my list. 

Rolling Cart
Ikea || $29.99

A common theme that you'll find among this post is Margaritas. I am so excited for the summer weather because that means my favorite frozen drink comes back in full swing. I can't wait to have a little mini bar set up in my living room and I think this teal one adds the perfect splash of color.

3 Piece Wood Salad Set
Overstock || $29.49
One thing I am most excited about this summer is having a kitchen with a refrigerator that is actually taller than I am. This means that I get to actually try to cook, which I'm sure I'll mess up quite a bit. But one thing I know I won't mess up will be salad. A big, pretty bowl like this is super functional to use to keep a salad fresh all week long or pour a bag of chips in during a night in.

Mermaid Scale Shower Curtain
Society6 || $57.80

The other part of having a grown up house that is extra exciting is having a bathroom that I don't have to share with 20+ people. While I feel that an ocean theme bathroom is overdone, I decided to slightly derrive on it and do a mermaid theme. This shower curtain is super cute and would be the perfect statement piece.



Because my theme in this post is a splash of summer, I wanted to include a go to outfit for one of the most indicative dates that summer is here: Cinco de Mayo. While I don't have any plans for the big holiday yet, I can only assume that it will include being outside, chips and salsa, and cold margaritas.

shorts [similar]
Ulta || $25
Source : Loepsie
 This bronzer is super lightweight. It doesn't streak. You don't turn orange. That's a winner in my book.

PBJ Smoothie Stick

Birchbox || $15

This lip crayon is super pigmented with a glossy finish and bright pink color and smells like fruit. This will definitely be my go-to summer shade.

Everything Margarita Island
Bath and Body Works

Before Easter, I went on a crazy shopping spree in Bath and Body Works when I found this new smell, Island Pear Margarita. I literally bought it in every form I can. I love how light, fresh, and fruity it smells and it makes me dream of summer. My favorite out of this purchase was the candles (they literally last forever and make an entire room smell delicious), the spray (strong enough to enchant, light enough to not overwhelm), and the body scrub (I'm seriously obsessed. My new favorite product. Go buy it immediately).

All Things Island Margarita
What are your plans for the summer and what products are you currently obsessed with?

infinite x's and o's,

Sunday, February 21, 2016

5 Nice Things to Do For Yourself This Week

Sometimes life gets a little crazy. We get so caught up in caring about other people that we forget to take a second to care for ourselves. Here are ten nice things you can do for yourself to remind yourself how strong, beautiful, and powerful you are.

1. Buy yourself some flowers
I have this unspoken rule. Every time I go to Grand Central, I pick up a bouquet of flowers. Something about fresh cut flowers in my dorm room makes me feel calm and they brighten up both my space and my mood.

2. Have a spa day

I make myself take two hours off every weekend to do a face mask, paint my nails, do a hair mask, and take a longer than normal shower complete with body scrub and moisturizer afterwards. Taking a little extra time to make myself feel clean, smooth, and luxurious puts me in a good mood and makes me feel relaxed.

3. Work out just a little bit longer

Adding one more rep, another mile, or even an entire set can force you to power through your work out and make you feel more powerful than ever. Plus, the extra push of endorphins will energize you later! Bonus points if you wear super cute leggings like these!

4. Get to bed earlier

Making yourself turn in a little bit earlier will reset your whole attitude the next day. Sometimes your body gets into a weird funk when your sleep schedule has been off or hectic. Hit the reset button and go to bed an hour earlier than normal!

5. Get organized

Take a little bit of time everyday to get organized. Pack your bag before you go to bed. Pick out an outfit earlier. Make a schedule and a to do list. Make life easier for yourself. It will pay off in the long run.

What nice things do you do for yourself?
infinite x's and o's,

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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Words to Live by in 2016

Hey everyone!

I've posted a lot about all the things I hope to do for this year. However, I think that in order to get there, I have to stay inspired. Something that has always inspired me are quotes. Sometimes I feel that one of the best emotions is when you read something by someone else that captures exactly how you feel. So here are my favorite little phrases for 2016 (many of which will make awesome Instagram captions).

"Please, please, please chase your dreams. Waking up on a Monday excited should be your driving force. Ignore anybody who tries to put you down and belittle your dreams. Be kind to everyone, stay positive and grind."

"if you want a nice body, go get it. if you want to become a lawyer, study your ass off. if you want nice hair, pick a style and get it done. stop being afraid and motivate yourself. find yourself. find your happiness, because it’s out there waiting for you."

"Fear the girl who always has the taste of coffee on her lips and dresses well on Mondays"

"take selfies, look cute, tell yourself you're fine af, focus on your goals, get that money, spoil yourself, stunt on all these hoes, etc."

"A friend isn’t your friend until they defend you in your absence"

What are your favorite quotes for 2016?

infinite x's and o's,