Sunday, April 30, 2017

Braids for Days: 5 Braided Hairstyles That Give Me Life

hey ya'll!

Well, if there's anything I know about Spring Hair Fashion this year, it's that braids are so in. Being that I hate using heat on my hair unless I absolutely have to, braids are so exciting to me. So here are my absolute favorite braid styles for the spring! 

1. Thick braid

How insanely gorgeous is this? While for short, thinned hair girls like me would need extensions for this, I think this is such an easy, classy look.

2. Braided pigtails

Okay, this one actually might be my favorite. While I'm hesitant that I might look like a six year old playing soccer, this look is so cute and looks so perfect here! I definitely will try this on a lazy Sunday!

3. Delicate Braided Details

Talk about boho. These teeny-tiny mini braids are so delicate and beautiful. I can't wait to do a look like this during the summer with a high waisted short and easy tank!

4. Tri-Braid Bun

How wild is this look? I love that it looks so edgy, but still so pretty. I love how this model styled it with a highlight, smokey eye, and strong brow. 

5. Fan Braided Pony

How gorgeous is this? I love this look for both casual and formal events. Once again, thin haired girls like me would need extensions but I think it's the perfect boho hairstyle!

So, what're your favorite braided looks?

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Picks for Graduation || Faviana Post of the Month

Hey ya'll!

It is almost May 20th! Do you know what that means? I am almost a college graduate. Can you believe that? I feel like it was just yesterday I was an anxious, blonde, nervous wreck trying to figure out my place in this world. Oh, wait. I still am.

While so many incredible things have happened over the course of the last four years that I am so very grateful for, I am still so anxious to take on the world. I feel as though I should be more prepared, more set to succeed, better, more ahead. But I'm not. I feel like I should have my whole life figured out. But I don't. Yet, it feels as if everyone else does. This is terrifying.

However, personal inner conflicts aside, if there is one thing I am confident in, it's my sense of style. Over the course of the last week, I have been searching for apartments, second jobs, finishing papers, applying for scholarships, and pretty much striving to stay awake for as many hours as possible to get everything done. Of course, this has led to the inevitable crash and I lay here now, 6:30 pm on a Tuesday in my bed wearing clothes I've worn for more than 24 hours. Glamorous, right? I'd always hoped I'd be appreciated for my honesty.

However, that does mean that I needed so desperately to get my mind off of something, and my favorite thing to do to make my mind ease itself down is to put together a blog post of pretty clothing.

So alas, without further adieu, here is my top Faviana picks for the month, perfect to style with a cap and gown.

1. Faviana Style 7851

I love this white dress so much. It's perfect for outdoor graduations in pretty summer weather. It is the perfect combination of classy and fun, which is pretty much the go to description of a recent college grad.

2. Faviana Style 7652

I think this dress is just so glam. If you were the girl that won all the awards, you just have to snag this gown for your last hoorah.

3. Faviana Style 7855

This dress is definitely for the class standout. I love how flattering it is on athletic body types and the bright color and cool cutouts will definitely will turn a ton of heads.

4. Faviana Style 7859

This dress is so much fun. I love the bright color and flirty skirt and details on the shoulders. This dress says that you're definitely ready for after graduation!

5. Faviana Style 7853

This dress is perfect for the girl that always rises to the top. It's color is subtle, the silhouette is classic but the cutouts are sexy. It's perfect to make one last statement!

So no matter what kind of graduation dresses you choose to try, pair it with confidence, even if you have to fake it just a little bit.


Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Pretty in Pink for March || Faviana Color Post of the Month

Hey ya'll!

As I'm writing this, I'm sitting in my Pennsylvania living room on spring break while all of my friends jet off to fancy vacations all over the country. While I certainly am extremely jealous, I'm getting to catch up on some much needed R&R back home.
While taking a break from a ton of work I've been doing, I've been dreaming about warmer weather and summer fashion. The last remainder of my undergraduate career is littered with tons of fun events that my friends and I have been talking about constantly.

Of course being a Faviana brand ambassador, my first place to look for cute, fun, and gorgeous dresses. So I put together my top 5 dresses in my favorite palette: PINK!

Whether you're looking for a prom dress or a gown for commencement ball, Faviana definitely has something for you.

1. Faviana 7907

This raspberry stunner is sure to turn heads at your big event. The color is absolutely gorgeous and the lace corset top and high slit is so very sexy. I would totally pair this with some killer silver shoes and my hair in a slicked back pony with huge earrings. Total head turner!

Can you say perfection? This dress is so on trend with the new neutral color and the bedroom-like satin fabric. This dress is so flattering and glamorous. For an edgier look, I would add black ankle gladiator heels. For something more fun, I would add pink fur kitten heels!

This bright pink gown is just so much fun. The top almost looks like a whole bloom of flowers and the bottom is perfectly flowy and totally dance worthy. I can so see this dress with long beachy waves and fun, glittery gold heels. This dress actually reminds me of Amanda Stanton from the Bachelor and I would die to see her wear it!

Okay, how freaking amazing is this gown? It's so perfect it's almost other worldly. I love that it's a two piece, and has glitter and beading on the top and the bottom, and has the understated blush color. It's honestly so beautiful if I wore it I would never take it off. I would love to see it styled in a loose colored updo with chandelier silver earrings. I could totally see Bella Thorne rocking this gown.

Can we all just take a collective sigh together looking at this gorgeous gown. I love the sweetheart neck, ruching on the side, and high slit with the satin inside.  It gives me such a great, vintage vibe and I would love to see it with a huge diamond choker. I would love, love, love to see Dove Cameron wear this gown because with her pale complexion and ultra light hair it would look heavenly!

Okay, so I literally am obsessed with this dress. I love the beautiful color and criss-crossed back. I think there's tons of ways to make this dress super fun and individual to the person wearing it. I would love to see Sasha Obama wear this gown with a large pearl earring and floral heels.

To see more pretty pink dresses by Faviana, click here!

Which is your favorite?

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Sparlin' Serendipity's Valentine's Day Playlist

It's the most romantic time of the year! There's very few things that are more romantic than music. This Valentine's Day I wanted to compile you a list of some of my favorite love songs for you and your valentine to listen to all year round. These are the songs I listen to in the car alone after perfect dates, hum in my head when I can't get him off my mind, or (my personal favorite) singing with him when you're laughing too hard.
I love the beautiful lyrics in all of these songs. I love how they make love seem so effortless, even when it's hard. Most importantly, I love how they all make love seem so fun. My favorite part about being in love with my best friend is the constant laughing, and all of these songs touch on that in one way or another and  I think that's just downright beautiful.

Sending you all the love in the world, from me and my Valentine.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Being a Faviana Brand Ambassador and My Early Picks for Commencement

Hi guys!

I am so excited to announce that I was chosen as a Faviana brand ambassador. Faviana makes stunning  prom dresses, evening dressing, pageant dresses, and more!  I have been obsessed with their gowns for literally forever and now I get to be a small part of their team. Not only are their gowns absolutely stunning, but Faviana's overall mission is one that really resonates with me. At the core of the company, Faviana believes that it's important to help women fell good about themselves and celebrate their lives. I am so proud to be affiliated with the brand!

Upon finding out I was hired for the part, I took about three solid hours browsing the website and I completely fell in love. With all of the recent attention on A Moment of Magic, as well as finishing my last year of college, I find myself needing nice gowns and dresses more often than not. I am already planning on what dresses I want to try on for commencement, the huge ball my school throws at the end of the year! Here are a couple of my top choices.

1. Chiffon V-Neck in Cherry Pink

I'm a big fan of pink. It's probably the color of my aura. But surprisingly, I've only worn one pink gown before. However, I'm obsessed with this Faviana gown. The fluorescent color would make my platinum hair pop, and the deep v-neck, cut out back, and high slit make the dress sexy and sugar sweet at the same time.

Can I just say if this is the color for spring, I'm obsessed already. I'm so happy that the two piece style is here to stay, and if it's in this pretty color it's a home run. I love the pretty lace details and how the hem is detailed naturally like the sides of the lace rather than cut straight across!

3. Mermaid Silhouette Gown with Teal Sequins

Just like every other girl on the face of the planet, I also think I'm a mermaid. In this stunning gown, I wouldn't just think that -- but I actually might become one. This gown is beautiful. The colors, details, and pure sparkle make this one of my favorites from the collection.

4. Two-piece jersey with fishnet inserts and beading

The ornate detailing on the top of this dress reminds me of all the pretty tea cups I have loved for as long as I can remember. There's something about the combination of the ivory and sapphire in detailed swirls, sequins, beading, and florals that makes this dress seem regal and sophisticated. The hidden cutouts, open back, and sneaky sheer paneling keep the dress youthful and fun.

This is my absolute favorite Faviana gown. It's definitely my front runner in my quest for the perfect commencement gown. I love the detailed cutout on the dress, the pretty match of color, the 2 piece silhouette, and the full skirt. This dress looks like it photographs beautifully, is elegant but youthful, and can be danced in all night. I would love to pair it with super crazy detailed heels, big earrings, and a nice tan!

Which dress do you think I should choose?

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Color Vibrancy Intensive Review c/o L'Oréal Paris

I love my platinum hair. The silver/lilac tones really stand out in a crowd and makes me feel strong, fierce, and beautiful. However, as much as I adore my platinum locks, I'm not super crazy about the chaotic upkeep. The constant bleaching and dying leaves my hair super broken, fried, frizzy, and just all around sad. This summer I literally lost about 1/3 of my hair from it being so broken that it fell out. It was awful and traumatic and really was just all around terrible. The experience taught me to definitely, definitely, definitely seek professional help when it comes to anything with bleach!

But now I'm on a mission to regrow my hair as much as possible. I thought it would be super fun to document this process and share with all of you what I have learned along the way.

This week I was so lucky to receive some products from L'Oréal from their Color Vibrancy Intensive line. They sent me their protecting shampoo and conditioner and their post color repair mask! 

They advertise the shampoo and conditioner as instantly repairing dry, damaged color treated hair. The bottles are 12.6 FL oz. and smell delicious. Each bottle retails at $4.99 so it's super affordable for the huge amount of product you get!  The bottle claims that it provides 60 days of color vibrancy and repairs fragile hair. I've only used it a couple times so far, but I definitely hopes it makes my hair stay vibrant! 

While I like the shampoo and conditioner a lot, I'm obsessed with the hair mask. The product retails for $6.99 and it's literally a steal. I take a couple dollops of it and lather the hair from root to the bottom. Then I roll it up in a bun and leave it in for about 10 minutes. Most of the time I put on a face mask and answer emails in between! The instructions say to leave it in 3-5 minutes, but I leave mine in longer because my hair needs a little extra tlc. After that, I jump in the shower, I rinse it out, put a little dollop of shampoo through my roots, then I'm good to go! The mask makes my hair so very soft and makes managing it so much easier.

The L'Oréal line has several different products that each target a different hair problem -- so there is definitely something for everyone! 

I can't wait to continue to update you on more on my regrowth process :) If you have any suggestions for posts feel free to comment them below! 

What are your favorite hair care products?

*I received all of these products complimentary of L'Oréal, but all opinions are my own. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Pom Pom Sandal DIY Tutorial

Hi everyone!

I can't believe that June is already in full swing. The summer really is flying by and I wish it would slow down. This summer I've been absolutely obsessed with pom-poms. I know that sounds crazy, but honestly, I have! My instagram feed has been absolutely filled with a bunch of different bloggers sporting all kinds of accessories with colorful pom-poms on them.

My favorite accessory this far has been the pom-pom gladiators -- a step up from the regular gladiators we have seen all over summer look books since last year. After spotting them all over my instagram feed, I looked everywhere to find an affordable version for a college student. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any under $250, which just wasn't affordable for me. So I decided to do what every stubborn creative broke girl does -- I decided to make a pair of my own.

I started off by purchasing these sandals from eBay for $13. I purchased them because I liked the extra long length of the ties and the gold color. The only thing I'm not crazy about is the thick band across the top of the shoe.

I purchased all of my supplies from Michael's craft stores. Even better, everything but the pom-poms were on sale. To create the band I measure the length from one side of the band to the other and cut out 3 of the same size of the fabric. I picked this one because I liked all of the colors in it and I liked the material. I then hot glued the fabric pieces across the band.

The most fun part about making the sandals was picking the beads that went on the sandals. I found pom-pom beads in the kid's craft section in Michael's. Then I scoured the clearance section and found an entire bohemian charm collection on extreme clearance. I ended up purchasing turquoise beads,  tassels, and arrow charms for only $1.99 each.

I definitely suggest purchasing the pom-pom beads because they have the ability to slide right onto the lace up strings. It made it so easy and quick to create the sandals I am so obsessed with.

I'm planning on wearing these beauties with everything from shorts and a white tee to sun dresses. I think they really make an awesome statement that can take any outfit up a dozen notches.

Designer : Luiza Martinez

If you're looking to splurge on this look, this pair is my absolute favorite! You can see all the designers different looks here.

Here are some of my other favorite pom-pom accessories for the summer!

I hope you love these pom-pom pieces as much as I do!