100 Things I Know Now that I Didn't Know Then

By Kylee McGrane - 9:58 AM

Isn't it funny how many things we learn a day? I mean, think about it. In the course of twenty-four hours I feel like we learn countless subtle lessons that keep us growing in ways we didn't know were possible. Even if we don't notice it, we're always going to know more down the road then we do right now at this very moment. So here are the things I know now that I didn't know then. 

1. Bangs aren't a good look for everyone. (Yea, that's me and gross)

2. It's a good thing to be passionate.

3. You don't have to change yourself to fit in.

4. Mean people peak early.

5. Start writing now.

6. Being single on Valentine's Day isn't the end of the world.

7. Start your assignments as soon as you get them.

8. Work in chunks.

9. Give 100% every time you work out. Wouldn't it be nice to look like this when you workout?

10. Forgive people.

11. If you feel a lot of emotions at once, write them down before you talk them out.

12. If he wanted to call, he would call.

13. Heart break isn't a death sentence. It also doesn't have a deadline. (One time I gave myself a week to grieve over a broken relationship. It took months. Sometimes the pain you feel is a lot more than what you expected. That's okay.)

14. If you're not being treated fairly, say so.

15. One cookie won't kill you.

16. But just don't eat the entire box.

17. You don't have to look like the girl in the magazine.

18. The amount of worth someone else places on you is not what you actually are worth.

19. Don't go out if you don't want to.

20. Wait until you get home to cry. 

21. Dominos pizza is always a good idea. 

22. Biotin works wonders. 

23. If you need help get help. 

24. Save 20% of every cent you make.

25. Have a dance party.

26. Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable.

27. Read in advance.

28. Invest in your bed.

29. Learn to walk in heels.

30. Travel and explore as much as possible.

31. Take a class that challenges you.

32. Start a resume early.

33. Make connections with your professors.

34. Always carry a tampon. Someone, sometime, somewhere is going to need it. 

35. Find something that inspires you. Did you see that one coming?

36. Respect your parents. 

37. Lip liner is your best friend. 

38. Have someone you can talk to about anything.

39. Take time everyday to stretch and breathe and feel. 

40. SQUAT.

41. Drink water.

42. Learn how you like your coffee.

43. Splurge every once and a while.

44. Build your closet by basics first.

45. Go get a facial. 

46. Don't overthink or dwell on things that are beyond your control.

47. Don't give boys the power to destroy you, but never be cold. 

48. No one cares what superlative you won in high school or if you were on homecoming court. Even if you won. 

49. Take care of your skin.

50. Fall for him. Don't chase him.

51. Do more things that scare you.

52. Freckles, birthmarks, and scars are beautiful.

53. One of the most important qualities your significant other can have is making you laugh.

54. Eat.

55. No one is going to fix you. You have to be better for yourself.

56. You can't change people that don't want to change.

57. Loss comes unexpectedly. So if you have something to say, say it.

58. Know your limits. 

59. Don't always say yes.
60. Take a bubble bath. 

61. Sleeping next to someone says more than sleeping with someone.

62. Take pictures of murals

63. And sunsets. 

64. Learn to cook a couple of healthy meals. 

65. Always carry a lighter, even if you don't smoke. 

66. Watch documentaries. 

67. Read the news.

68. Buy candles.

69. You don't have to love everything about yourself but you should just try. 

70. Black looks good on everyone.

71. Give your hair a break from the heat.

72. Chunky highlights don't look good. Also me, still bad hair. 

73. Look at something big that makes you feel small. The ocean. A city skyline. A hundred year old tree. Look at things that are bigger than yourself. 

74. Make your Sunday's productive. 

75. Make playlists for everything. Literally, I have one for everything. 

76. Eat vegetables. 

77. Don't hate things that are "basic" just because they're "basic".

78. Buy a pair of expensive underwear just for yourself. 

79. Wearing classic clothes is sexy. 

80. Watch classic movies.

81. And read classic books. 

82. Volunteer. 

83. Be accepting of all kinds of people.

84. When someone needs to talk, listen.

85. You're never too old for a Disney movie.

86. Get some sleep.

87. But don't go to bed angry.

88. Allow your heart to heal before you open it back up.

89. Take every chance you can to find yourself.

90. Keep an emergency kit in your car with all kinds of things for emergencies (Everything from a spare tire to a bottle of water to deodorant) 

91. Learn to sew. 

92. Care for something (Either a pet or a plant)

93. Have a couple seconds of silence everyday.

94. Coconut oil for everything. 

95. Don't sleep with your makeup on. 

96. Take lots of selfies. 

97. If someone doesn't think you're good enough in public, they aren't worth your time.

98. Best friends make life better. 

99. Pain is only temporary.

100. You have the power to change the things you don't life. So quit complaining. Do something. 

infinite x's and o's,

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