Moving Back to School (in gifs)

By Kylee McGrane - 8:30 AM

Moving your things out of your house and into your dorm
When a frozen food suggests conventional oven cooking over microwaving

Spending all of your summer income on new clothes before you leave because you want to "get a new look".

Thinking about your upcoming schedule and coursework.

Missing your friends from home

Knowing you can stay out as late as you want
When Gotham is ashes…You have my permission to DANCE!

Realizing that you have to get up early everyday
How I feel waking up for the first day of school

Doing your own laundry again
These infomercials are so relatable.

Sitting in classes during syllabus week
I hate to be a such a cynic, but this is how I feel looking at 90% of the content on the front page recently. (I’m looking at you r/funny, r/advice animals, parents of daughters, and food industry employees)

Getting ready to do "homework"

r/aww moderator

How do you feel about moving back?

Infinite x's and o's,

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