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Is it freaking anyone else out that Valentine's Day is about a month away? No matter what my relationship status has been, I always get extremely anxious about Valentine's Day. For people in relationships, it's a beautiful day to celebrate love and romance. For people that are single (holla), Valentine's day can either be just another day or one of the longest days of the year. I'm planning on spending my Valentine's Day doing ridiculous and reckless things with my best friend (hi, Maggie) and wearing lots of pink and red and eating lots of chocolate. Like I've said before, I'm planning on making 2015 my year to be selfish and focus on me. While I'm a hopeless romantic, having a serious relationship right now is just not on my radar because I really want to focus on making myself a better person. My mom's friends took it upon themselves to take this as a sparkling opportunity to gift me with a "grow a boyfriend" in which I received a small little "seedling" and place it in water in order for it to grow (magic). This got me thinking about what my perfect boyfriend would be like if I could build one like you build your own teddy bear at build-a-bear (tell me this isn't a great idea). So here's what my perfect boyfriend would be like:

Both understanding and supportive of my Taylor Swift obsession
I'm obsessed with Taylor Swift and have been since 2006. It's not gonna change. Sorry. #AllTaylor #AllTheTime

Understanding that sometimes I just need to be alone

Sometimes I need to be by myself and sometimes I don't and I say I do. I'm confusing and emotional. Someone will get that.

Understanding that I already have a boyfriend (hi, Maggie)

It's pretty serious.

There's actual communication involved
Call me crazy but I think that relationships are really just hanging out with your best friend and talking about everything there is to talk about.

Gives me their clothing and doesn't expect it back

 Guys clothes are just so much more COMFORTABLE. The perfect relationship is one where you "keep his shirt and he keeps his word". Thank you Taylor for these amazing lyrics.  (Side note: when can I look like Kelly Kapowski?)

Likes to binge watch netflix and eat dominos pizza in sweatpants

Because as much as I like dressing up and getting all fancy, loving each other at your most ugly is what it's really about.

Makes me laugh

Because nothing is better than someone who can make me laugh. (Hey, Tim Riggins you can make me laugh any day).

Actually acknowledges me in public
Because boys who pretend like they're too cool for you are no where near cool at all.

Is fun

I think one of the most important parts of being in a relationship is enjoying each others company. So the ideal build a boyfriend would do stupid things with me like build forts and jump on the bed and have pillow fights and all the other things you roll your eyes at when your single and watching a Nicholas Sparks movie.

Has a James Dean daydream look in his eye
For obvious reasons.

Actually likes to be around me
Because boys that act like hanging out with me is a chore are dumb.

Makes fun of me

Lightly of course because I do a lot of dumb things.

Embraces me acting like this
Because actual relationship goals.

infinite x's and o's,

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