Red Carpet Recap: How to Wear Looks from the Golden Globes

By Kylee McGrane - 10:24 AM

The Golden Globes is the official welcome of Red Carpet season, where we get to see all of our favorite celebrities dressed to the nines. We also get an inside look at all the hot trends for the season. Here is a look at what was popular at last night's award show and how you can copy these trends.

The coral and turquoise trend is one that makes me long for warm summer days on the beach. The two bright, contrasting colors go extremely well together when paired correctly. Playing up one of the strong hues, such as the tangerine, and accessorizing it with a hint of the turquoise make for a sheek and vibrant look. Complimenting both colors with metallic gold accessories prevent the trend from looking tacky.

As seen on: Giuliana Rancic and Amy Adams
Wear it at: A Summer Wedding
To make this outfit more wearable, I toned down the bright tangerine with a slightly muted version. Turquoise earrings are always glamorous and wearable. I envision pairing this look with perfectly nude makeup with boho waves and gold sparkly accessories as the perfect look for a summer wedding.

Dress || $180
Earrings || $55.50
Heels || Sold Out
Curling Wand || $35
Lipstick || $41
Clutch || $34

This gorgeous silhouette is daring and bold yet tasteful and sophisticated. These ladies pulled off the look perfectly by letting their upper bodies do all of the talking and keeping the bottom covered. The stunning red color plays into the drama as well.

As seen on: Olivia Widle and Zendaya
Wear it at: A Night Out
To make this outfit more wearable, I kept the drama of the color palette and paired it with super sparkly black leggings, mimicking the glamour of Wilde's Gown. Long earrings with elongate your neck and draw attention to the deep v cut. Pretty strappy heels, dark lipstick, and a deep cuff will add a little bit of rock to a perfectly bold outfit. Don't forget to add a sticky bra to keep everything in place. 

Top || $14
Pants || $29
Silicon Bra || $10
Heels || $109
Lipstick || $23
Bracelet || Sold Out

While I am not super crazy about this look on the red carpet, I do have to say that Amy Schumer and Gina Rodriguez pulled this look off perfectly. I love that both of their dresses were complete opposites in color, but they both had matching silhouettes. Plus, the pockets in their ball gowns added the aurora of comfort that this relaxed fit allows.

As seen on: Amy Schumer and Gina Rodriguez
Wear it during: A long day bouncing from class to class, meetings, and grocery shopping
To make this outfit wearable everyday, I picked a comfy off the shoulder sweater to partner with some leggings and riding boots. Trade in your sweatshirt for this fashion forward top and your sweats for some leggings. Who says that long days can't be fashionable. 

Leggings || $39
Socks || Sold Out
Boots || $60
Bag || $19
Hair Ties || $3
Oxford Top || $120

There is something so regal and beautiful about a structured dress with a caped back. While it was a huge trend last year to have a full length cape on the back, this year the trend was a cropped version. This look is very intimidating, but when done right, it wows.

As seen on:  Jennifer Lopez and Cate Blanchett
Wear it during: Date Night
When you really want to wow your date at a fancy dinner, pick a short version of J.Lo's stunning gown. When paired with bronzy makeup, tanned legs, bright lips, and killer heels, your date won't be able to take his eyes off of you. I promise. 


Bronzer || $10
Lipstick || $24
Tanning Spray || $34
Studs || $10
Heels || $40
Dress || $29

Perhaps my favorite trend on the red carpet is the sexy cutout. There is something about showing a little bit of skin in an unexpected place that is so intriguing and subtly sexy. This trend is definitely one that I will be trying as soon as the weather gets warm.

As seen on: Brie Larson and Jennifer Lawrence
Wear it during: Brunch with the girls
This romper version of the cut out trend is so cute and approachable. Pairing it with an cute bun, pretty studs, and strappy heels makes for the perfect outfit for brunch with your friends. Make sure to exfoliate and moisturize for super shiny and soft skin.


Romper || $23
Heels || $44
Earrings || $38
Cuff || $6
Lipstick || $8
Lotion || $17
Straightener || $30
There is something about an all white outfit that commands attention. A winter white, monochromatic outfit is simply stunning and jaw dropping. White stands out in a sea of colors and pigments and allows the shape and structure of the dress to do the talking.

As seen on: Alicia Vikander and Lily James
Wear it during: A business meeting
An all white outfit stands out in a sea of black business suits. Wearing white cropped pants with a white top and white jacket is sleek and professional. Studded heels, red lips, and super straight hair add a feel of confidence and self empowerment.

Blazer  || $36
Heels || $30
Frizz Serum || $22
Pants || $15
Top || $15
Lipstick || $35
What trend was your favorite?
infinite x's and o's,

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  1. I love how you grouped the the dresses by trend and suggested an inspired outfit by it!