Risky Business

By Kylee McGrane - 9:27 AM

2014 is a new year with endless possibilities. This year I'm vowing to stop relying on other people's comments, both compliments and insults, in order to develop my own style. To do so, I compiled a list of clothing I absolutely adore that I've always been a little bit scared to wear. I will no longer fear whether or not "I look stupid" and start using the world as my runway.
1. Combat Boots
They look so cute on other people and can really transform an outfit. I've always been a little bit terrified of them because I wasn't quite sure if I could pull them off. This year I'm vowing to leave that behind. I will be adding combat boots to everything from skinny jeans to floral dresses.
2. Geometrical Crop Tops
Crop Tops are intimidating. Period. The new geometrical tops are verging on mod, which screams fashionable. This year I'm promising myself to not hold back and go for the brightest, trendiest crop top.
3. A GREAT Quality Pair of Heels
My bid at this one will probably be heels that are 70% off. But regardless, a nice quality pair of heels can last for years to come and become a staple in your wardrobe. 
4. A Man's Watch
Big, bulky and manly; a nice leather watch is classic. A perfectly clunky watch on a petite woman's wrist is the perfect contrast. Depending on the size of the watch can counter your commitment to this risk.
5. A Slinky, All Glitter Dress
This dress screams Hollywood goddess. The key to this trend is a simple structure and color of the dress. With a light tan and glam curls, this is one trend I'm definitely ready to take on.
6. Metallic Jeans
After last years newest, and most dangerous, fashion craze of the "thigh gap", I think I second guessed every single pair of jeans I tried on. Worrying about whether or not our thighs touch is unhealthy. In order to stop worrying over something so petty, I'm investing in an awesome pair of metallic jeans. They're the new, modern pair of go-to jeans.
7. A Tulle Skirt
Not only does this dress remind me of one of my fashion icons Carrie Bradshaw, but it also can transform anyone into feeling like a ballerina princess. Who doesn't want that? I've always been afraid to buy a skirt so magical because of the snickers I might hear from passerby's. However, this year I'm getting my Bradshaw on and rocking  this skirt with a neon sweater. Take that, haters.
8. Perfectly Printed Cropped Pants
Cropped pants alone can make any girl feel like an Audrey. I've always been afraid that these ankle skimming pants would make me look like I have cankles  (Who comes up with this stuff anyway?)This year I'm kissing this fear goodbye and welcoming these pants into my closet.
9. A Totally Vogue Jacket
An unusual jacket makes any outfit fashionable, especially in the bitter cold. Getting one in a classic, warm color will soften the "strange" cut.
10. An Envelope Bag with a Twist
I've had my eye on an envelope bag for quite some time now. However,  I haven't found one that absolutely captured me yet. This year I will find one in a universal color and an unusual twist like sequins or studding.
11. Vintage Heels
Can we all just agree that the 1920's and 1930's had some of the best fashion trends of all time? This year I want to channel some Gatsby and bring out that vintage feel. The easiest and girliest way to do so is to by wearing an adorable pair of vintage heels. You will instantly feel like you stepped out Jay's mansion.
12. A Large and In Charge Sun Hat
Not only will you feel like a movie star in a large sun hat, but you will also be saving your skin from the sun's damaging rays. If you're going to pick a hat, simply commit and play up the mysterious facial expression you can't help but emit.
13. Leather High Wasted Shorts
Anyone that knows me knows that I am completely obsessed with all things Taylor Swift. These shorts are very similar to the ones she's recently been sporting. Let's all take a note from Taylor and pair them with a lace top and cute flats in the new year.
14. A Crazy Printed Maxi Dress
Maxi Dresses are like the sweatpants of dresses. But pretty. And formal. But comfortable. Okay, whatever. Just buy one. I promise you'll feel like a Grecian goddess.
Infinite x's and o's,

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