Naked 3 Review

By Kylee McGrane - 7:47 AM

My absolute favorite makeup trend the last couple months has been the smokey eye. From the establishment of Naked, I would have to say that Urban Decay took the mainstream lead from women everywhere in the smokey eye pallete. After hesitating to buy the original Naked ($50), I finally got on board. Suddenly I was using it everyday. It became a really good investment for my makeup routine. When Naked 2 ($50) came out, I purchased immediately, but was a little disappointed. Where Naked seemed like an easy to use everday makeup pallette, Naked 2 was hard to tone down. When I saw the colors in Naked 3 ($53) online, I was hooked. Now, I have been using Naked 3 nonstop. From parties to school, I truly believe this pallete is not only versatile but complimentary to the other two palletes.

My Top 3 Every Day Colors
Strange - the lightest of all the colors. easy to apply and go with light mascara for a no makeup look
Trick- the super gold color. creates a pretty shine that will compliment lightly tanned skin perfectly.
darkside - the second darkest color. matte gray. I apply as a powder eyeliner for a light smokey eye with long lashes.

My Top 3 Pallete for Smokey Eye
Dust, Liar, and Blackheart - This creates the perfect sultry eye makeup I have been searching for. It compliments my blue eyes perfectly.

My Top 3 Colors in General
Mugshot - I love the metalic-y look of this shadow. It could be very beautiful combined with other colors or on its own.
Limit - all though it is kind of pink, if I apply super lightly it gives my eyebrows the exact shade they need.
Blackheart- This is my favorite of all the colors. OMG. I just love it. I love the super black shadow with the light gold pink sparkles in it. It makes event the edgiest makeup verge on girly.

How do you feel about Naked 3?

Infinite x's and o's,

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