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By Kylee McGrane - 8:30 AM

 Victoria's Secret Makeup Bag Review
I just purchased this Victoria’s Secret makeup bag at the semi-annual sale and I was really excited to begin using it! I have been needing a bigger bag for a couple weeks now. The things I shoved into my old bag would prevent it from zipping and I would end up having my make up spill and losing it everywhere. When I picked up this bag three things caught my eye. One, this bag was really cute with its pink metallic color. Two, it was huge and could fit all of my make up in it. Three, it was originally $22 and on sale for $11. Pictured above is all of my make up that I brought home that did and didn’t fit into my old bag. Honestly, I was not expecting it all to fit. However, I soon realized that everything shown in this picture fit into my new bag and there was room to spare! The bag doesn't have any pockets, but I don't mind because  it leaves more room for things to just pile inside of it. I highly suggest you go to VS and pick up one of these bags!
Infinite x's and o's,

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