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By Kylee McGrane - 2:59 PM

This month has been absolutely hectic. I went on my training trip last week in sunny California. It was my first time on the west coast and I absolutely loved it. It was so beautiful and fun. While traveling I came up with a list of things I will never travel without.
1. A book - on my six hour flight I would have absolutely died without a good book. I read Lauren Conrad's Style and Beauty. It was an easy, fun read that passed the time extremely easily.
2. Ugg Moccasins - These were the closest I could come to comfy slippers on my flight. They were warm in freezing New York but not too warm for blazing Cali. They were also extremely fitting for the security check.
3. A large knit scarf - This scarf was perfect for dragging my luggage through JFK. It was also perfect for spreading it out and using it as a blanket during my flight.
4. EOS lip balm- My biggest mistake of the entire trip was not bringing lip balm on my flight there. I am notorious for collecting all of the EOS products. The air on the plane completely dried out my lips but using it on the way back was a saving grace.
5. Colorful Luggage - The baggage claim is always a hit or miss time saver from me. Recently I've observed that travelers with bright luggage have an easier and quicker pick up. My choice? Anything Vera Bradley.
6. Moisturizer - Ladies, please! Load some mouisturizer on your face as soon as you get on the plane. The dry air on the plane will crack your face and drain out the moisture. Save yourself some frustration and just pack some in your carry on! (Remember 3 oz or less!)
7. Good headphones - I would never have made my trip without my headphones. Pack yours and keep them close in their own pouch or zip lock bag.
Infinite x's and o's,

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