Add Some Velvet

By Kylee McGrane - 4:03 PM

What comes to your mind when you think of velvet? For me, I think of red velvet cake. And when I think of that, I think of luxe. I think of smooth. I think of warmth. And when it comes to velvet clothes, I think of rich colors and smooth fabric. Velvet was super popular in the 90's, and now it's back. This season's best velvet is jewel toned and looks almost regal. It's paired best with classics like jeans or a LBD.
1. Red Velvet Blazer - Not only does this remind me of my favorite desert, but it looks just decadent. The dark red will add the perfect pop of color and unexpected twist to a LBD.
2. Navy Velvet Uggs - just when you think you might be outgrowing the days of comfort and warmth that Ugg provides, they release something new to reel you back in. These navy velvet Uggs not only look super comfy, but also seem super warm in this cold February weather.
3. Paisley Velvet Shorts - these shorts will make a statement. This purple color paired with the velvet texture scream royalty to me. I would pair these with opaque black tights, black booties, and a black chiffon top.
4. Lace dress with black velvet appliques - A dress sewn up of lace and velvet can not get any more feminine. This dress looks like something Taylor Swift would wear, therefore, it's gotta get into my closet. Like. Now.
5. Black Velvet Headband - Afraid to take the jump into soft velvety clothing? Well, here's you solution. This black velvet headband is the perfect addition to any outfit and will give you some confidence with the trend.
6. Black Velvet Oxfords with a Gold Toe - These. Are. Amazing. Again, if you're afraid to go all out with the velvet, dip your toe into this amazing look. (Get it?)
7. Purple Velvet Envelope Bag - I really, really want to get an envelope bag sometime soon. With the dark purple velvet and gold trimmings, no bag gets more regal than this. This one is just simply darling.
Infinite x's and o's,

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