The Most Annoying Things About College (And How to Avoid Them)

By Kylee McGrane - 8:51 AM

College is awesome. It's the time in your life where you are really able to explore
yourself and find out all the little intricacies that make you, you. However, college
isn't always the easiest place to navigate. For example, we all felt for B when she
struggled to find her place at NYU. Although many of us aren't dealing with evil
roommates and trying to maintain Queen B statues, there are some days when we
crave to drop everything, watch old movies, and eat our body weight in Ladurée
delights. So without further ado, I have compiled my list of the most annoying things
about college (and how to avoid them) inspired for BCW herself.
1. Situation 1: The printer in the library is out of ink
Solution 1: Well, B would probably never use a printer in the library. So, you shouldn't
either. I know buying a printer might not seem wallet friendly, but trust me, it is. Having
an accessible printer at your fingertips at any time will save you time and stress. You
can even get a basic printer for less than $50.
2. Situation 2: You woke up with a killer hangover.
Solution 2: Personally, I've avoided this one all together. Not only am I not 21, but I've
never really had the urge to get wasted (I'd rather consume 660 calories in Domino's
Pizza than a can of Four Loko). However, for those of you who just couldn't resist,
know what helps before you drink up. According to my research, toast, crackers,
water, and sports drinks may help you get rid of the hangover a little bit quicker.
However, remember that Queen B usually knows her limits when it comes to
3.Situation 3: Oh no, you slept in. You're going to be late for class!
Solution 3: Okay, so B would probably never, ever be late for anything.
But we can't all be Blair Waldorf. So when you sleep through your alarm,
DROP THE SWEAT PANTS! Have a nice pair of leggings on hand.
Leggings and a sweater and riding boots are an easy, comfy outfit. Putting in a
little effort will help you wake up and stay awake in class. 
4. Situation 4: It's Thirsty Thursday and you have an 8 am class.
Solution 4: Sometimes my neighbors are just downright noisy. Now, I can't
necessarily blame them, but when I need my sleep, I need my sleep. I have mastered
the art of white noise. I will put on my air conditioner, set my TV on a timer, and
pull my sweatshirt over my head just to get some peace and quiet. I think Blair
would take a much more fashionable and pristine approach. These earplugs are inspired
by Breakfast at Tiffany's and they're just too darling not to wear.
5. Situation 5: You can't remember anything, ever.
Solution 5: Get a planner.
The characters on Gossip Girl are usually found stealing planners rather than writing in them,
however, you can still get the point. I would be completely lost without my planner.
This year I spent $20 on a Vera Bradley one, however, next year I'm debating
spending a little extra for a Lilly.
6. Situation 6: Your roommate loves to wait until 12 am to study. In your room. With the lights on.
Solution 6 : Invest in a super cute sleeping mask. Sure it may seem kinda silly, but you will
feel like a glam goddess when you slip one on. If you're anything like me, you're super sensitive
to light. Luckily, this semester I have a single. I can adjust the lights to my choosing.
However, last semester the lights were an unspoken battle. We balanced it pretty well,
but with two completely different schedules, it was hard on both of us. Personally, I can see
 B rocking this mask, also inspired by Breakfast at Tiffany's.
7. Situation 7: No matter how much sleep you get, you're still exhausted.
Solution 7: Adjusting to your Twin XL is hard. But after investing in a mattress pad, some super
 cozy sheets, and pillows from home, sleeping became a little bit easier. But, it wasn't perfect.
For those mornings when you need to fake eight hours, invest in a face wash with "wake up"
qualities such as smell and texture.
8. Situation 8: The gym is just too crowded.
Solution 8: Although B never spoke about working out, she did seem relieve her stress somehow.
For me, working out is the ultimate stress reliever. When the gym is just way too crowded
to breathe (especially in the first couple months of the year) have a second option.
If you love to run, run outside! If not, keep a yoga mat in your room. You can do
body weight exercises that are just as productive from the comfort of your dorm, sweet dorm.

What are the most annoying things about college for you? How do you prevent them?
Infinite x's and o's,

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