My First Birchbox

By Kylee McGrane - 8:02 AM


First and foremost, let me try to capture my excitement for my first Birchbox. I have been eyeing the company for a couple months. I am absolutely a free sample junkie (I blame this on the fact that my favorite part about visiting a local grocery store when I was younger was to eat my body weight in free samples). As I grew up, this sample love also grew. I now consider myself a sample junkie. I am signed up to multiple "Free Sample" chains. I am that annoying person at Ulta and Sephora asking if they have free samples. But I've found that it never hurts to ask! Even places like LUSH have given me small samples! So when I heard about Birchbox, a company that sends you samples of high quality products monthly for the small fee of $10/month, I couldn't help but need to sign up. The more I learned about it, the more I loved. Birchbox sends you a box of about 5 sample products a month. You create an online profile and answer a few questions for a box tailored to your lifestyle. On this online profile you are able to see the things that you have sampled in the past and buy them full size (most of them with free shipping!) For every subscription and product you buy you earn points. Every dollar of purchase you make equals one point, for every $100 points you earn, you get $10 back. (For example, I bought a $60 subscription, therefore I have 60 points. If I buy $40 additionally in product, I earn $10 back!) Also, by referring friends you also earn points! Birchboxes are the perfect gift for guys and girls because it literally is tailoring products to your lifestyle and delivering them to your front door! It honestly doesn't get any better.

My mom ended up buying me a 3 month subscription for Christmas. Getting the packages while away at college is like the gift that keeps on giving. It gives me something exciting to call my mom over (let's be real, tests and cafeteria food are not an exciting topics). When my first Birchbox arrived I was so excited. The first box I received was the January edition. The packaging alone made me squeal. The box was pink with pink tissue paper inside (is that me or what?). I don't think there was any specific theme with this box, but I could definitely be wrong. The packaging was so cute that I ended up doing a DIY and turning it into a little tray for my desk (I'll post pictures later)! Now, here is what I received in my January Birchbox.

100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Mascara
Regularly Priced $18 for .24 oz ($7.50/.1oz)
Birchbox Sample 1 oz (apx. price total $7.50)
First and foremost, this mascara is just cool. It is made from antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables and is void of harsh dyes and irritants. It even has ingredients to help your lashes grow. I'm a girl who loves the falsie effect on a night out, but for a natural everyday look, this may be my new go-to.

Gilchrist & Soames Shampoo and Conditioner
Regularly Priced $29 for duo 8 oz. each ($1.81/oz)
Birchbox sample 1.5 oz each (apx. price total $5.43)
This "Created in London" but "Made in the USA" shampoo smells extremely fruity.  The conditioner smells of perfume. The duo will have you reminiscing on your favorite vacation with the shampoo samples you couldn't help but steal. The goal of the two is to make hair look shiny, nourished, and repaired. 
Juicy Couture Perfume
Regularly Priced $70 for 1.7 oz (~$41.18/oz)
Birchbox Sample .05 oz (apx. price total ~$2.06)
I have always had a soft spot for anything Juicy. Although for my future boxes I've selected not to receive any perfume samples (I literally have dozens of perfumes), this one is so fun. It smells fruity and playful and young. It's also the perfect size to stash in my clutch for those days when I'm running super late.

Reviver Reusable Clothing Swipes
Regularly Priced $17.99 for pack of 6 (~$3.00 each)
Birchbox Sample 1 (apx. price total ~$3)
This sample is probably the most intriguing in the entire bunch. This is one product I am absolutely a newbie to. According to the directions, you just slip one on two of your fingers and swipe around your clothing to erase unwanted smells. This one will be tucked into my gym bag for those days when I'm running late. I am interested to find out how long each one lasts.

In conclusion: The total price of this box simply for the products is $17.99 which means that I got almost $8 of product for free! I can't wait for my first personalized Birchbox. I loved mine so much that I gifted the man Birchbox ($20/month) for someone else! If it stays this good I might be adding to my subscription too!

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