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By Kylee McGrane - 1:50 PM

Taylor Swift's Taylor Made of Starlight is lovely new fragrance crafted of crisp fruits and soft florals, kissed by tender woods to give off a beautiful, radiant halo. 

I'm obsessed with Taylor Swift. Everyone knows this. But apart from her flawless grace and amazing music, she is a very successful perfume creator. With three perfumes already created (and sitting on my bedside table), she recently added a fourth shortly before Christmas.
Aesthetically, this one is very similar to her Taylor by Taylor Swift perfume. It comes in a beautiful crystal bottle with gold, pink, and white trimmings and details.  However, Taylor by Taylor Swift Made of Starlight edition might just be my favorite of her perfumes so far.
The price at Ulta for this perfume was $65. This is extremely normal for any perfume, but hers have been especially lasting for me (Three years later, I still have Wonderstruck!.
) The packaging of the perfume takes it onto a whole new level. The limited edition perfume came inside a hot pink musical box. When opened, the box was laid in a soft, shiny pink satin and played a chorus from Starlight. It doesn't get any better than that.
Until you smell the perfume.
Much like the description of the perfume, I noticed that it's the perfect mixture of fruits and florals, perfectly girly and precisely timeless. It's soft enough to not be overbearing but lasts all  day. Seriously, I sat in class at 3pm after applying it at 8 am that morning and could smell how great it smelled!
The perfume is limited edition, so if you can find it, get it quickly! 

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