Welcome to Ladurée

By Kylee McGrane - 10:00 AM

Welcome to LAUDURÉE

If you've ever watched Gossip Girls I'm sure you have picked up on Blair's guilty pleasure: macaroons from the best macaroon bakery in the world.  With a watercolor and a perfect recipe of soft and sweet, Laduree's macaroons are like tiny slices of heaven wrapped up in a beautiful little pastel box. 
The Paris based Bakery can be found in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, placed next to Juicy Couture on Madison Ave. Inside the shop you'll be enchanted by the colors, smells. and decorations with gold trimmings. Not only were the macaroons selling like crazy, but the $62 candles were as well. (I'm not joking)
With over 30 different flavors and prices at $3 a macaroons, Ladurée can seem quite tricky to maneuver. The colors and smells are hypnotizing and the long line behind you makes you want to rush your order. I couldn't help but wonder, what would Blair Waldorf do! I finally decided on my order, a box of 6 for $20. 
I selected two vanilla, a coffee, a chocolate, a caramel with salted butter, and a raspberry. If I went back again, these are the things I would remember:

1. Don't feel pressured by the line. Take your time and order precisely what you want because you're spending a lot on it. 
2. Pay in exact cash. I paid with a card and was getting elbowed as I tried to sign the receipt. The store gets very crazy.
3. Order more vanilla and caramel. The other cookies might be prettier, but these are my two favorites. 
4. Eat the cookies within three days. By the third day they get a little hard and aren't as enjoyable. 
5. Remember to feel like a princess when you eat them! They're an amazing, and occasional, treat.

Have you gone to Laduree? How do you feel about it?

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