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By Kylee McGrane - 6:17 PM

So before my long break from blogging (we all know how the end of the semester gets), I raved about how much I love Office Candy. Over the semester I was hired to be an Campus Candy Gal and I'm so excited. I always had the feeling that if my supplies were pretty and organized I would actually want to do my homework. And here's some proof: After Office Candy hooked me up with some supplies this semester, my GPA improved from a 3.89 to a 4.0. So maybe this isn't scientifically proven, but it's something I can attest to. Call me crazy, but I think there's something about cool and cute office supplies that actually makes me want to use them. So in all actuality, when I found out about Office Candy, a store that sells the cutest and coolest supplies, I knew I had to sign up.
So here is a list of my Office Candy must haves!
1. Pink Swirls Desktop Accessories Set $25 - This cute combo of three essential items is totally I-have-my-stuff-together-esque. Stop hiding the things you need to use every day in an overcrowded drawer and keep it right on your desk for display. It might even save you some time in your busy schedule!
2. Macbeth Collection Step Stool in Jackie Socialista $15- College dorms are tight for space. Therefore, it is absolutely mandatory that you utilize each and every nook and cranny. There are so many times during the semester I wish I had a step stool to reach into the depths and heights of my closet space for some extra storage. This one is so cute you don't even have to hide it!
3. Macbeth Collection Large Clipboard in Joni Boardwalk $28- I was lucky to get hooked up with an awesome clipboard from Office Candy. I never thought I would actually use mine, but now I use it all the time! It's perfect to keep my flashcards together, making to-do lists, and organizing papers to create outlines! I promise, you will feel more like a CEO than like a fourth grade soccer coach toting this beauty around.
4. Lilly Pulitzer Koozie $6.50 - Koozies should absolutely be mandatory when coming to college. Not only are they perfect for just adding a little flair to a soda can, they are also ideal for more festive events like Spring Fests. Every pretty prep should have one of these in her purse!
5. Kate Spade Notebook Sets $12- Taking notes is a very critical part in college. Notes are often the way we retain information. Personally, I love having pretty notebooks because it makes me aware of my handwriting. Therefore, I have to be conscious of what I'm writing. Wah-la! I remember what I wrote down in class! Also, for classes in your major, it is often super beneficial to actually keep your notebooks. These are the perfect notebooks for keeping around a long time!!
6. Handy Dandy Tool Kit in Pink $38- No matter how prepared you are, college always throws a couple curve balls. Try to swerve as many bumps in the road as you can by keeping this baby tucked away in a desk drawer.
The 22 piece set includes: flashlight, side cutter, long nose pliers, 3 ft. tape measure, slot screwdriver, screwdriver bits set and socket.
7. Kate Spade Pencil Set 10 for $18 - I've said it before, and I will certainly say it again: There is almost nothing as embarrassing as not having a pencil when one is needed. Pencils with super cute sayings can stay in your bag at all times. You'll never lose them because they are Kate Spade and you're eyes will be on them at all times. Oh, and so will everyone else's.
8. XOXO Sticky Notes $5 - Sticky notes are like the cute shoes of school supplies. They're perfect for adding in some notes, bookmarking a page, or passing a note in class. These sticky notes are so Gossip Girl-esque we're sure no true Upper East Sider can resist. XOXO.
9. Desk Accessory Set in Pink $48 - If there's one thing I'm definitely investing in this semester, it's definitely a desk set. Not only do they look great, but they keep you organized. That's something I struggle with but strive for. This one includes a letter tray, file sorter, and pencil cup and comes in pretty pink leather. Elle Woods approves.
10. Jumbo Pencil Case in Seaponies $20 - I spent about $110 on a Vera Bradley backpack. Day by day I stuffed it up and trotted from one class to another. However, on those days when I was running late, I shoved in pencils and pens and highlighters without a second thought. However, if I could go back and put my Lilly highlighters and uncapped pens together in a pencil case like this, I wouldn't have had to scrub ink stains until I ruined my manicure. These pouches also double s a perfect bag to keep headphones and sunglasses safe in when running errands with your longchamp to relaxing on the beach in your beach bag.
11. Lilly Pulitzer 2015 Agenda in Jumbo $38 - Every prep craves a Lilly agenda. This year, I'm finally getting mine! Get yours too. Explanations not necessary.
12. Lilly Pulitzer Pen and Highlighter Set $11 - Study time requires highlighters. These add the perfect amount of fun to studying for Psych.
13. Kate Spade Insulated Tumblr $18 - These cups are the perfect (and environmentally safe!) way to tote your fave sip to class while looking super fun! From water to iced coffee, these acrylic tumblers are perfect for all of your favorite drinks. And of course I adore the fact that they're Kate Spade.

So what are you waiting for? Get shopping. But don't forget to use code 10117 for a sweet discount.
Infinite x's and o's,

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