Bijuju Fashion Haul

By Kylee McGrane - 7:35 AM

One of my favorite stores to hit up in South Carolina is Bijuju boutique. It's in almost every major shopping center in Myrtle Beach and I can't help but want to go in it every time I see it. This time I was on a mission to fulfill my latest addiction: statement earrings. A lot of times, they can get to be a bit pricey but Bijuju provides pretty decent quality jewelry at a good price. I got the green earrings for $7, the pink ones for $5, and the knuckle ring for $8. All of the earrings and necklaces I've ever purchased from Bijuju have lasted long and never tarnished. However the knuckle ring turned my finger green. Time to pull out the old clear nail polish trick.

Have you ever purchased from Bijuju?

Infinite X's and O's,

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