Campus Candy Gals is now on Tumblr!

By Kylee McGrane - 11:05 AM

So this is so exciting guys! I am a huge tumblr user, have been since 2008. I finally decided to spread all things Office Candy on tumblr by adding it's own page! Below are some pictures you'll find of you guys using our products (none of these pictures are owned by me). So what now? One, go follow for all pretty supplies right on your dash and two, go buy them on with discount code 10117! Here's a sweet preview of what you'll see!

I spy a Lilly agenda!

Kate Spade pencils and notebook set!

All things Lilly!

Possibly the cutest picture of an agenda, like, ever.

Here's an easy link to find all the things you'll see on our tumblr:

Infinite X's and O's

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