The 10 Snapchat Commandments

By Kylee McGrane - 7:15 AM

1. Thou shall understand rejection.
If I don't recognize who you are, I probably won't answer. Likewise, if I don't answer five of your snapchats or your direct messages, I probably never will.

2. Thou shall not make your snapchat story over 60 seconds.
The only two times this can be broken is if it is hysterically funny (no seriously, funny to all of us, not just you) or you're at a concert (I was too broke to buy my own ticket). Other than that, I don't care that you're at the gym and are now eating sushi.

3. Thou shall not send nudes.
Just don't.

4. Thou shalt not look at anyone else's top.
You will become paranoid. Why is he talking to her? What is she sending him? Isn't she an instagram model? Does she like him? Just don't do it, okay?

5. If thou is going to snapchat an ugly face in public, thou shalt be prepared for onlookers criticism. Seriously, if you're making the Jenna Marbles face in public, you will get stared at.

6. Thou shall not send snapchats with text on them that are one second long.
No one can freaking read that fast.

7. Don't screenshot anyone else's ugly pictures because they will do the same to you. How's that for a WCW?

8. Thou shall make their snapchats creative.
Use the paint tool and make yourself a Disney character. I will be your best friend.

9. Thou shalt have a full conservation with me via snapchat.
It's literally the most annoying thing ever. Just text me!

10. Thou shalt make their alcohol their snapchat story.
I don't care you're consuming eight four lokos. Take a picture of a puppy or kitten instead. #SorryNotSorry

What are your snapcommanments?
Infinite x's and o's,

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