The South loves Monograms... And so do I

By Kylee McGrane - 1:39 PM

This year I have become obsessed (and yes, I mean totally obsessed) with monograms. So when the time came for me to go down to the south for our family vacation, I knew I just had to get a monogrammed bathing suit. Unfortunately, there weren't many out there that I truly liked. Either the fit looked strange or the colors looked off or they were way out of my price range (I'm cheap when it comes to some stuff, sorry). But when I ran my handy dandy etsy shop, I came across Vibrant Designz, a super sweet seller with an awesome variety of monogrammed goodies.

I ended up ordering this top in coral with my monogram in navy. Not only was the cost amazing (seriously, only $18.95) but her shopping got it to my house in only a couple of days. For a personalized piece, that is super impressive.

The only tricky part, unfortunately, was trying to find bottoms. Why does no one sell plain bottoms anywhere?! I ended up snagging a pair of navy ones hours before I left for the outer banks in Bonton for $7. Talk about a steal.

After arriving in the Carolina's I saw that everyone has monogrammed everything! I felt right at home in my monogrammed bikini. As for the fit of the top, I love it. The tie back is super comfy and the detachable straps make it perfect to go from sand to surf. Being that I'm smaller on the top, the fit is a little loose even though I ordered a small, but the tie in the back keeps it snug! Go order your own suit from
You won't regret it:)

Infinite X's and O's

Location:South and North Carolina

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