BIG NEWS : Office Candy and Monograms!

By Kylee McGrane - 7:58 AM

Monogram Mania

Guys, this is big. Like really big. I now featuring monogramming! There's nothing better than buying something pretty and making it beautiful by making it truly yours. As I ventured into the south for two weeks on vacation I found that everyone monograms everything... and I love it! Now that is offering monograms, I'm going to give you the list of top ten items worth monogramming! Remember by ordering with code 10117, you get 10% off!
1. Leather Business Card Holder
Pink Leather Business Card Holder
Business cards have become a major staple in my life. Organize your business cards, both the ones you give and receive, in a monogrammed business card holder!

2. Kate Spade Pencil Pouch
kate spade new york pencil pouch - literary glasses
Organize your pencils and pens in this pouch and never lose them again. Add a red, pink, or aqua blue monogram for an extra punch of cool.

3. Macbeth Collection Clipboard
Joni Boardwalk Clipboard
I never thought I'd use it, but now I can't leave home without it. Get one. Get it monogrammed. Fall in love.

4. Kate Spade Tumbler
Believe it or not, fall is right around the corner. That means chilly mornings and pumpkin coffee. Make it a perfect trio by adding a white monogram to this pretty travel coffee mug.

5. Desk Accessory Set
Pink Desk Accessory Set
There is nothing more polished looking then a desk set that perfectly coordinates. Stick on a matching monogram on all three items that match your color scheme! And wah-lah! Perfectly preppy.

6. Lilly Pulitzer Beverage Tumbler
Lilly Pulitzer Tumbler with Straw - Booze Cruise
For cold drinks like sweet tea and ice coffee, nothing is better than a monogrammed Lilly tumbler. Plus it's name is Booze Cruise. Obviously you have to get it.

7. Macbeth Collection Step Stool
Macbeth Collection Jackie Socialista Step Stool
You have no idea how practical a step stool is. You can always use a boost. Monogram it and you don't have to worry about storing it. You can leave it out and it'll look pretty!

8. Monogram File Tote
Custom Monogrammed Jamie Raquel tote in Lime
For girls with lots of work to do that are constantly on the run, this tote is perfect. Add a monogram to make it as chic as your favorite outfit!
9. Kate Spade Agenda
kate spade new york 2015 Agenda - Gold Dot
Class doesn't get any classier than this gold polka dot agenda. Actually, it would with a black script monogram. Waldorf approved.

10. Lilly Pulitzer Agenda
Lilly Pulitzer 2015 Large Agenda - The Hot Spot
The staple of all things preppy. Get it monogrammed because, well, duh.

What are you waiting for? Go monogram crazy and use code 10117 for 10% off!
Infinite x's and o's,

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  1. This is awesome Kylee, thank you for spreading the OC love! XO