Back to School in Style : Preppy

By Kylee McGrane - 7:52 AM

Getting ready to go back to school involves so many emotions. Sadness because the summer is over. Anxiety because the new school year is about to begin. Optimism because new opportunities are on their way. Whatever emotions you're feeling, they're normal. Even if you're simply returning to a school you've been enrolled in, these emotions have a way of crawling back. With these emotions come a whole new set of expectations and goals. We are always striving to be better than before. Even if you spend the majority of the year's classes in sweats (6 am swim practices tend to do that to me), it might be a good idea to showcase a little bit of your style for the first couple classes. This week I will be showcasing some of my favorite outfits for several different styles: preppy, girly, tomboy, and edgy. The best part? Each item in the set is under $50!

The first look I really wanted to do was an easy, light, preppy outfit. No one has been displaying their preppy side better than Taylor Swift this summer. She's been spotted out and about in NYC in the cutest duds. This outfit in particular has been one I've had my eye on.

Taylor sports a perfect combination of pastels in a yellow short sleeve top, girly mint skirt, and coral pumps. I kept the outfit mainly the same, focusing on the cut, color, and details of the skirt and shirt. I traded in her pumps for coral sneakers from her Keds line and swapped her Prada for a trendy (and much more affordable beige tote). I also switched out her Ray Bans for a pair of cat eye (and cat adorned) sunnies that even Tay would approve of.

Here's where you can find each item!

Top Here!
Pleated skirt!

What are you planning on wearing?

Infinite x's and o's,

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