15 Middle School Fashion Trends That Emotionally Scarred Me

By Kylee McGrane - 3:02 PM

Middle school is hard. For my generation, it was nearly impossible. Why? Because life is unfair. Why is it that my generation had to deal with terrible fashion trends around precisely the same time we were all going through awkward body changes? (Okay, maybe in retrospect this happens to every generation but I'm going to be the overdramatic drama queen embodying what everyone thinks our generation is). So here are the 15 most unfair fashion trends of the 2000s.

1. Heelys

These transportation-for-your-feet sneakers were the perfect combination of punk and practicability... Unless you had to go uphill of course.

3. Crocs

One of the most tragic fashion trends ever. Even more tragic? People still wear them.

3. Juicy Couture Track Suits

These suits were adorned by the likes of Paris Hilton and that cool girl in math class with the boyfriend and shiny hair. As much as we all claim to detest this velour beauties, we all secretly still want them.

4. Gauchos

Before yogas were other comfy pants: gauchos. Unfortunately these didn't flatter our rears, only our ... mid calves (yum?)

5. Choker Necklaces

Beauty hurts. This fashionable item felt both like a turtleneck and noose at the same time.

6. Flare jeans

These bad boys were everywhere. The more flare, the better. Despite being the ugly step sister of skinnies, they are way more comfy.

7. Chunky highlights

Highlights that were much too light and much too big were huge in middle school. This trend was probably made famous by your one time favorite movie, From Justin to Kelly.

8. Dresses over Jeans

No other trend makes me angry like this one. Why why WHY was this a thing?!

9. Popped Collars

Preps took a note from Usher and decided to "pop yo collar". Maybe if this was still 2001 I could "dig that".

10. Boy band spiked hair

Guys this doesn't look healthy. It actually looks like a health hazard. Get the boy band dance skills. Ditch the boy band hair gel.

11. Shrugs

Maybe you wore it because you were cold. Maybe your mom thought your dress was too revealing. Either way, we should have had a communal burning of the shrugs.

12. Rubber bracelets

These weird rubber bracelet things were worn by girls and guys alike and apparently had sexual innuendos behind them. Bracelets that represent sexual actions. Why.

13. Tank tops layered over TShirts

Because we obviously couldn't decide between either or.

14. Ponchos

These rag-carpet-knit-sweater things were all the rage. If yours was vintage, that was cool. But it was even cooler if it was from limited too.

15. Sequin Purses

These sequin purses were a must have accessory. They came in an a rainbow of colors but yours had to be unique. Even now, I cringe a bit when I see girls carrying them.

What were your most dreaded trends in middle school?

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