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By Kylee McGrane - 10:49 AM

I love quotes. I really do. I have them hanging around in my room. I post them on all of my social media accounts. I have them saved as my screen savers. Sometimes you can't put your feelings into words and you stumble on to something that captures how you feel completely and entirely. So I have decided to compile a list of my favorite quotes. I tried to credit all of the quotes, but the if you know who said the one's lacking an author please let me know!

"I love the person I've become because I fought to become her."

"You mustn't be afraid to sparkle a little brighter, darling"

"She believed she could, so she did."

"I want to inspire people. I want someone to look at me and say, 'because of you, I didn't give up.'"

"Better to be the one that smiled than the one that didn't smile back"

"Far too many people are looking for the right person instead of being the right person"      -Gloria Steinem

"Be the kind of woman that makes other women want to be you"    -Topaz

"When words are both true and kind they can change the world."     -Buddha 

"Maybe there's something you're afraid to say, or someone you're afraid to love, or somewhere you're afraid to go. It's gonna hurt. It's gonna hurt because it matters."     -John Green

"Kindness is always fashionable."       -Amelia Barr

"She's a dreamer, a doer, a thinker. She sees possibility everywhere." 

"Stop looking for happiness in the same place that you lost it" 

"Close your eyes and imagine the best version of you possible. That's who you really are, let go of any part of you that doesn't believe it."        -C. Assad

"You may not see it today or tomorrow, but you will look back in a few years and be absolutely perplexed and awed by how every little thing added up and brought you somewhere wonderful - or where you always wanted to be. You  will be grateful that things didn't work out the way you once wanted them to." 

"Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers."         -Jorge Borges 

"You can't save people, you can only love them."        -Anaïs Nin

"Don't rush and never settle. If it's meant to be it will be." 

"You fall, you rise, you make mistakes, you live, you learn. You're human, not perfect. You've been hurt, but you are alive. To breathe, to think, to enjoy, and to chase the things you love. Sometimes there is sadness in our journey, but there is also lots of beauty. We must keep putting one foot in front of the other even when we hurt, for we will never know what is waiting for us just around the bend"

"Happy girls are the prettiest."      -Audrey Hepburn 

"One day I decided that I was beautiful, and so I carried out my life as if I was the beautiful girl. I wear colors that I really like, I wear makeup that makes me feel pretty, and that really helps. It doesn't have anything to do with how the world perceives you. What matters is what you see. Your body is your temple, your home, you must decorate it."      -Gabourey Sidibe 

"Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together."     -Elizabeth Taylor

"It takes years as a woman to unlearn what you have been taught to be sorry for."      -Amy Poehler 

"I am the girl who prefers to spend her Friday night curled up with her pillow, reading a good novel, and I am also the girl who likes to go out on a Saturday night and dance until the DJ plays his last song. I am the girl who wants to wear beat up converses and an oversized sweatshirt, and I am also the girl who owns over sixty dresses and too many shoes to count. Why did it become okay to say one is better than the other? Because I am all of that."

"She was fierce, she was strong, she wasn’t simple. She was crazy and sometimes she barely slept. She always had something to say. She had flaws and that was ok. And when she was down, she got right back up. She was a beast in her own way, but one idea described her best.
She was unstoppable and she took anything she wanted with a smile.

"A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms."

"I have a soft tummy and acne scars and my voice is not always low and sweet and my clothes are not always well coordinated or even clean and my lipstick smears and my eyeliner runs and I still get overwhelmed and disappointed sometimes. But sometimes I feel lovely and happy as if, maybe, I'm getting a hang of this existence thing and I've begun to realize that I have time to get the hang of this and I don't need to be perfect, I need to just be."

"But remember that you have to move on, somehow. You just have to pick your head up and stare at something beautiful like the sky or the ocean, and you move the hell on"        -James Patterson 

"Hang on. It gets easier. Then it gets okay. Then it feels like freedom."      -Taylor Swift

What are your favorite quotes? 
infinite x's and o's,

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