Shop my Style: Carrie Bradshaw Inspired Outfit

By Kylee McGrane - 11:42 AM

Every Manhattan girl dreams of being Carrie Bradshaw. I mean, honestly, what fashionista doesn’t dream of writing about her love life, drinking cosmos with her best friends, and conquering the city in her Manolo Blahniks.

An avid Sex and the City watcher, I’ve always been fascinated by Carrie from Sex and the City to The Carrie Diaries (or vice versa). Sure, there were many times when she annoyed me to no end (I will never be a fan of Mr. Big and perpetually be in love with Sebastian Kydd), but somehow she just captured what I was thinking in so many trying times in my love life (No fun loving Manhattanite wants an Aiden).

Inspired by her fun, fearless attitude and love of color and patterns, this outfit (and quote from my favorite episode) made me feel like I could do anything. A slightly toned down version of what Ms. Bradshaw would normally wear,  it made me feel beautiful, sexy, powerful, and confident. I hope you love it as much as I do.

Skinny, polka dot, faded jeans
Fluorescent, deco, statement earrings

Cozy, light, white sweater

4 inch, patent, nude heels

I finished off the look with a light smokey eye using my Naked 3 palette, a long cat eye, a peachy pink lipstick, bronzer, and highlighter. I added some light waves using my straightener and added a headband french braid for a little spice!

Have you ever been inspired by Ms. Bradshaw?

infinite x's and o's,

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