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By Kylee McGrane - 4:30 AM

"say you'll remember me standing in a nice dress staring at the sunset babe"

I like to believe in fate. There's something about finding something at the time you're least looking for it that I find comforting. That's why I love the word serendipity.

my big cousin, bryan.

As any true Lilly girl knows, the Lilly for Target line launched earlier this year. In true Lilly spirit, my best friend (hi, Maggie) and I attacked early. We went to the pop-up shop in Bryant Park and got to shop the looks early. She stalked the Target site in the wee hours of the morning, buying everything she could. We infiltrated the return racks for weeks until we finally found as much Lilly as our closets (and wallets) could handle.

Instantly, my new additions became instant staples in my wardrobe. I ended up with four dresses, a pair of shorts, a flask, a top, and two headbands. Unfortunately, some of the things I purchased were WAY too big for me, but I had hopes of using my creativity to alter them.

One of my favorite steals was the Lilly for Target Sea Urchin Maxi dress. Unfortunately, the only size I could find was an XL and I was literally swimming in it. Knowing my body shape and the silhouette of the dress, I was on the hunt for a cute belt to cinch the haltered dress at the waist.

It has become a family tradition for my mom's side of the family to vacation together in the Outer Banks, North Carolina. When my parents told our color scheme was pink, blue, and yellow I knew I had to wear this dress. I think it worked perfectly.

Lusting for a long, printed, beachy maxi?
Look no further.

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infinite x's and o's,

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