Sparlin' Serendipity's Valentine's Day Playlist

By Kylee McGrane - 8:43 PM

It's the most romantic time of the year! There's very few things that are more romantic than music. This Valentine's Day I wanted to compile you a list of some of my favorite love songs for you and your valentine to listen to all year round. These are the songs I listen to in the car alone after perfect dates, hum in my head when I can't get him off my mind, or (my personal favorite) singing with him when you're laughing too hard.
I love the beautiful lyrics in all of these songs. I love how they make love seem so effortless, even when it's hard. Most importantly, I love how they all make love seem so fun. My favorite part about being in love with my best friend is the constant laughing, and all of these songs touch on that in one way or another and  I think that's just downright beautiful.

Sending you all the love in the world, from me and my Valentine.

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