Being a Faviana Brand Ambassador and My Early Picks for Commencement

By Kylee McGrane - 9:54 AM

Hi guys!

I am so excited to announce that I was chosen as a Faviana brand ambassador. Faviana makes stunning  prom dresses, evening dressing, pageant dresses, and more!  I have been obsessed with their gowns for literally forever and now I get to be a small part of their team. Not only are their gowns absolutely stunning, but Faviana's overall mission is one that really resonates with me. At the core of the company, Faviana believes that it's important to help women fell good about themselves and celebrate their lives. I am so proud to be affiliated with the brand!

Upon finding out I was hired for the part, I took about three solid hours browsing the website and I completely fell in love. With all of the recent attention on A Moment of Magic, as well as finishing my last year of college, I find myself needing nice gowns and dresses more often than not. I am already planning on what dresses I want to try on for commencement, the huge ball my school throws at the end of the year! Here are a couple of my top choices.

1. Chiffon V-Neck in Cherry Pink

I'm a big fan of pink. It's probably the color of my aura. But surprisingly, I've only worn one pink gown before. However, I'm obsessed with this Faviana gown. The fluorescent color would make my platinum hair pop, and the deep v-neck, cut out back, and high slit make the dress sexy and sugar sweet at the same time.

Can I just say if this is the color for spring, I'm obsessed already. I'm so happy that the two piece style is here to stay, and if it's in this pretty color it's a home run. I love the pretty lace details and how the hem is detailed naturally like the sides of the lace rather than cut straight across!

3. Mermaid Silhouette Gown with Teal Sequins

Just like every other girl on the face of the planet, I also think I'm a mermaid. In this stunning gown, I wouldn't just think that -- but I actually might become one. This gown is beautiful. The colors, details, and pure sparkle make this one of my favorites from the collection.

4. Two-piece jersey with fishnet inserts and beading

The ornate detailing on the top of this dress reminds me of all the pretty tea cups I have loved for as long as I can remember. There's something about the combination of the ivory and sapphire in detailed swirls, sequins, beading, and florals that makes this dress seem regal and sophisticated. The hidden cutouts, open back, and sneaky sheer paneling keep the dress youthful and fun.

This is my absolute favorite Faviana gown. It's definitely my front runner in my quest for the perfect commencement gown. I love the detailed cutout on the dress, the pretty match of color, the 2 piece silhouette, and the full skirt. This dress looks like it photographs beautifully, is elegant but youthful, and can be danced in all night. I would love to pair it with super crazy detailed heels, big earrings, and a nice tan!

Which dress do you think I should choose?

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