Braids for Days: 5 Braided Hairstyles That Give Me Life

By Kylee McGrane - 1:40 PM

hey ya'll!

Well, if there's anything I know about Spring Hair Fashion this year, it's that braids are so in. Being that I hate using heat on my hair unless I absolutely have to, braids are so exciting to me. So here are my absolute favorite braid styles for the spring! 

1. Thick braid

How insanely gorgeous is this? While for short, thinned hair girls like me would need extensions for this, I think this is such an easy, classy look.

2. Braided pigtails

Okay, this one actually might be my favorite. While I'm hesitant that I might look like a six year old playing soccer, this look is so cute and looks so perfect here! I definitely will try this on a lazy Sunday!

3. Delicate Braided Details

Talk about boho. These teeny-tiny mini braids are so delicate and beautiful. I can't wait to do a look like this during the summer with a high waisted short and easy tank!

4. Tri-Braid Bun

How wild is this look? I love that it looks so edgy, but still so pretty. I love how this model styled it with a highlight, smokey eye, and strong brow. 

5. Fan Braided Pony

How gorgeous is this? I love this look for both casual and formal events. Once again, thin haired girls like me would need extensions but I think it's the perfect boho hairstyle!

So, what're your favorite braided looks?

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