Shoesday Tuesday : Jack Rogers

By Kylee McGrane - 1:07 PM

Every Summer Cinderella I know has been craving a pair of dainty summer slippers to grace her perfectly Essie manicured feet. Jack Rogers are the staple of any sophisticates wardrobe. With their super cool design and flip flop fit, they're easily worn and adaptable. So naturally, I couldn't wait to get my hands on a pair.

After finally snagging them, the gold of course, I have been wearing them almost every day.  They go absolutely flawlessly with any of my sundresses and even go well when I'm running errands in norts and a tee shirt. That said, here are a couple of things you should know about buying Jack Rogers.

1. They go with everything. I know. I've said this. But literally they can be worn with everything and you will get use out of them.
2. They need to be broken in. They can be a little tight the first couple of times you wear them, but once you break them in, I swear. They're so comfortable you'll never want to take them up.
3. Order at least half a size up. If you have wide feet, go up a whole size. They run a little tight. Order up. Trust me.
4. They seem pricey, but if you plan it right, you can get a good deal. Utilize sites like Rue La La or department stores like Macys. They can actually get a pretty good discount!

How do you feel about your Jack Rogers?
Infinite x's and o's,

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