Newest Closet Addition : Steve Madden Heels

By Kylee McGrane - 4:07 PM

Nude pumps are a huge trend, but they aren't new. This popular leg lengthening accessory has been extremely popular in the last couple years. I have been waiting to invest in the perfect pair, pretty pumps with a touch of originality, for awhile now. We have an awesome Lord and Taylor outlet in my town that's my favorite place to shop. The other day I went in, ready to search for some bikinis, when I found these beauties instead. These Steve Madden wedge were originally marked at $99. Ouch, right? However, they were marked down to $19.99. These 6 inch beauts have a touch of gold right on the front that make them absolutely divine. I can't wait to style these with everything from pretty dresses to polka dot jeans!
What are your new favorite finds?
Infinite x's and o's,

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