60 Things I Learned from Watching Sex and the City

By Kylee McGrane - 7:27 AM

1. There are four ways to wear a black dress. They're called Charlotte, Samantha, Miranda, and Carrie.

2. If you're going out in public after a breakup, throw in a little effort. Running into an ex happens when you least want it to. 

3. Some girls are meant to be free and they need someone who will spread their wings with them.

4. Sometimes the laws of shopping are not equivalent to the laws of love. 

5. Have best friends that you have something in common with.

6. We're not all domesticated Betty Crockers.

7. Sometimes we're insecure and these insecurities creep into our relationships.

8. It's okay to act a little insane every once and awhile

9. We all have our own priorities.

10. But your number one priority should always be yourself.

11. Prince Charming doesn't come with reservations.

12. All you need is a cool hat to make anything a little more fancy.

13. Personality is more important than looks.

14. We all crave what we don't have. 

15. The honeymoon stage doesn't last forever.

16. We all have our own religions. 

17. The main principle of New York.

18. To know what you want and chase it. 

19. To understand what the perfect partner actually is.

20. TV and sweatpants is a good way to spend a night in.

21. How it feels to want someone who is out of reach.

22. Cupcakes are a cure-all. 

23. Sing in the shower and dance in your closet. 

24. Sometimes forgiveness and forgetting don't go hand in hand. 

25. "The best thing in life to hold onto is each other."
26. No matter how much running you do, you can't run away from yourself.
27. Some of the best afternoons are the ones that you do nothing. 
28. It's perfectly okay to make yourself vulnerable.
29. Things will always change but friendships are forever. 
30. We need to stop focusing on the negative and believe in the beauty of ourselves.
 31. Our mind can play some serious tricks on us.
 32. Gossiping counts as cardio.
 33. We don't all believe in the same things.
 34. Sometimes the best way to go about conflict is to go about it like Samantha would. 
 35. There's no harm in trying. 
36. Make your voice mail as creative as possible.

 37. The media can make you feel inferior. 
 38. Love and logic don't always coincide. 
 39. Women often take the fall. 
 40. Once again, sometimes you have to take a Samantha approach.
 41. We all choose wrong sometimes. 
 42. Sometimes you need to take a Miranda approach to things.
 43. Again. Miranda approach. 
 44. It's okay to vent a  little bit after a breakup. 
 45. We can all be a little paranoid. 
 46. Sometimes you have to be Charlotte. 
 47. Or Carrie. 
 48. Understand the true mechanics of fashion and relationships.  
 49. Leave a man waiting every once and a while. 
 50. Sometimes you need to take a deep breath and live in the moment. 
 51. We're all smart until we have clouded judgement. 
 52. Sometimes love and fashion do go hand in hand. 
 53. We always want what we don't have. 
 54. Accept yourself like Samantha. 
 55. Love, unfortunately, does not disintegrate and disappear like we hope it would.  
 56. If there's nothing there, you have to walk away. 
 57. You can be emotionally attached to your computer.
 58. The world can be a little sexist. 
 59. Appreciate how lucky you are.
60. Best friends are meant for forever no matter what life throws at you. Hold on to each other and enjoy the crazy ride.

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