Back to School in Style: Jock

By Kylee McGrane - 7:51 AM

Some girls (me included) just don't want to dress up for class. Personally, most of my classes are in the morning or I have AM swim practice, and sometimes I just don't feel like getting all dolled up. So for the low key, low maintenance girls like me this outfit is for you.

This look was inspired by a Juicy Couture ad, but nothing in my version is Juicy. Sorry guys. What I really tried to transfer are the fun statement leggings. Regular leggings are cool, but ones that make a statement actually look like you put in a lot of effort, when you really didn't. I wanted to also make sure I kept the pop of color of pink in the shoes. These are much cuter than old worn out tennis shoes or ratty flip flops. I added this cute statement hoodie for two reasons. One, it makes a cute fashion statement with an off the shoulder top that you can literally roll out of bed in and strut to class. Two, if Queen Bey is involved it's obviously in style. Finally, I added the must have accessory for any girl that loves her sweats: a fitbit bracelet. This super cute cover is a pink Tori Burch. I just got my fitbit last week and I'm in love. I'll feature a review on here later this week.

Here's where you can find everything in this set:
Fitbit Bracelet Case!

What are you wearing your first day?

Infinite x's and o's,

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