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By Kylee McGrane - 3:03 PM

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If you're a student of any kind, I can't stress the need for an agenda enough. This year I picked a Lilly Pulitzer planner in Trippin' and Sippin' from (you can get yours there for 10% off and free shipping with code 10117!). We're only a couple weeks into school and I can't tell you enough how much I love, love, love this agenda. I'm one of those annoying people that needs to write down everything (and obviously it needs to be color coded). I bought two packs of gel pens from the dollar store to keep that OCD part of me sane. 
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The planner is so cute it makes me tingly inside. It comes with the cutest set of Lilly stickers to make each day even more special. They're so cute because they look like things I would draw but I have absolutely no artistic ability to doodle. 

In my notes section I made a class schedule (also color coded). It doesn't take much for me to forget a small detail, so carrying around a cute little schedule makes me look and feel organized without looking like a freshman with my freshly printed out schedule :) . 
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What's really cool about this planner is that there are two sections to view monthly calenders. There is a monthly overview section and a monthly calender in the beginning of each weekly section. This is really helpful because on my weekly calenders I write all of my homework assignments. On my monthly planner I just add big dates to remember, like meetings and tests. 

My weekly calenders are where it gets super chaotic. I do my best to keep everything color codded and organized. The best thing I've found to do is to check out or cross off every item I complete. It makes it a little bit easier to look and gives me a sense of accomplishment (cue the London Tipton "yay me!").

So far I love (love, love, love) my agenda! I'll keep you updated on how I use it throughout the year. Until then, how do you organize your planner?

And remember: you can get one just like mine from with 10% off and free shipping with code 10117!
Infinite x's and o's,

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