5 Nice Things to Do For Yourself This Week

By Kylee McGrane - 7:30 AM

Sometimes life gets a little crazy. We get so caught up in caring about other people that we forget to take a second to care for ourselves. Here are ten nice things you can do for yourself to remind yourself how strong, beautiful, and powerful you are.

1. Buy yourself some flowers
I have this unspoken rule. Every time I go to Grand Central, I pick up a bouquet of flowers. Something about fresh cut flowers in my dorm room makes me feel calm and they brighten up both my space and my mood.

2. Have a spa day

I make myself take two hours off every weekend to do a face mask, paint my nails, do a hair mask, and take a longer than normal shower complete with body scrub and moisturizer afterwards. Taking a little extra time to make myself feel clean, smooth, and luxurious puts me in a good mood and makes me feel relaxed.

3. Work out just a little bit longer

Adding one more rep, another mile, or even an entire set can force you to power through your work out and make you feel more powerful than ever. Plus, the extra push of endorphins will energize you later! Bonus points if you wear super cute leggings like these!

4. Get to bed earlier

Making yourself turn in a little bit earlier will reset your whole attitude the next day. Sometimes your body gets into a weird funk when your sleep schedule has been off or hectic. Hit the reset button and go to bed an hour earlier than normal!

5. Get organized

Take a little bit of time everyday to get organized. Pack your bag before you go to bed. Pick out an outfit earlier. Make a schedule and a to do list. Make life easier for yourself. It will pay off in the long run.

What nice things do you do for yourself?
infinite x's and o's,

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